Valley to Dooms Transmission Line No. 549 Rebuild Transmission

Client Virginia Power Co.
Completion Date 2020
Location Virginia
Completed by MYR Energy Services, Inc. and The L.E. Myers Co.

MYR Energy and L.E. Myers rebuilt the existing No. 549 line, replacing weathered steel F-series towers with dulled galvanized towers between the Valley and Dooms substations. Construction on the 17.72-mile project took place on existing right of way (ROW)and was split into two phases due to outage restraints. 

MYR Energy served as the prime contractor for the all-inclusive project, with L. E. Myers managing and overseeing access and foundation installation.  

Multiple challenges arose during the project, including its proximity to a 500kV line that ran parallel and a crossing over a major interstate. Most of the line crossed through rural land used for crop and livestock farming in the Shenandoah Valley.