24-Mile 69kV Line Rebuild Project Transmission

Client Confidential
Completion Date 2024
Location Ohio

MYR Energy is the prime contractor for the engineer-procure-construct (EPC) delivery of this 24-mile transmission line wreck out and rebuild in northeast Ohio’s Crawford and Richland counties. The multiyear improvements portfolio is designed to improve reliability by replacing aging infrastructure and speeding recovery of service when outages occur. 

Work includes modifications to substations and underbuilt distribution circuits along the existing transmission line route, with portions of the rebuilt line traversing newly acquired rights of way (ROW) and the rest being rebuilt on the existing centerline. The project will retire 20 miles of 69kV transmission line and structures, 18 miles of 12kV distribution, and an existing 69kV three-way phase-over-phase switch and modify substations and underbuilt distribution circuits along the existing transmission line route.  

Along with the transmission and distribution rebuild work performed to date, the North Galion Substation underwent significant upgrades, including a footprint expansion, as part of the project. Upgrades included switches, high- and low-side arrestors, breakers, disconnect switches, bus work, a 16-foot-by-18-foot data center infrastructure management (DICM) and the installation of a new 69kV box bay with two lines and all associated equipment. The transmission line was rebuilt using 556 Dove conductor and a 7/#10 overhead static wire, direct-embed steel monopole structures, drilled pier foundations with flanged steel structures for dead-end structures, and wood skip span structures for the distribution scope.  

  As the prime contractor, MYR Energy is responsible for the engineering, procurement, and all construction scopes, including stormwater pollution prevention plans and other environmental compliance-related activities; clearing and access; transmission line foundations; and substation civil work and construction. 

Announced in 2020, the project is slated to finish in 2024.