Strategic project DevelopementMaximizing project success through early collaboration 

cost-efficient outcomes 

At MYRE, we are familiar with the opportunities and challenges developers and project owners face during the development, construction, commissioning, and operations phases of complex, large-scale projects. We collaborate early with developers to support their efforts in land acquisition, permitting, right of way (ROW), design development, and understanding client specifications and requirements. Our early strategic partnership dramatically impacts our ability to deliver the lowest cost of energy (LCOE) and helps ensure optimal long-term project success. 

teams & processes 

Successful projects require a cohesive team of experienced individuals to minimize disruptions of ongoing operations, the environment, and surrounding residents. Given our ability to leverage the nationwide resources of MYR Group, we can accommodate increases in demand for labor and equipment on critical or time-sensitive projects.  

Our teams share a common vision of success and have a clear understanding of their roles in each phase of project delivery. A Project Execution Plan (PEP) is developed during the initiation phase and is continually monitored and refined throughout each delivery phase. The PEP details specific project activities, resources, and the overall organization of the project. This serves as a foundation for developing detailed milestones and creates a basis to measure project success.